Tipster: Film Photo Inspirations For Summer

With summer in full swing in many parts of the world, a lot of us are gearing to be out to reconnect or relax with friends and loved ones, discover new hotspots, or simply try out new cameras and film while spending time under the sun.

With that in mind we've compiled a few photos from our creative community members to inspire you to get wild with your handy cameras in the heat. Let's dive into it!

Fisheye will never go out of style

Credits: mrrotivlarbac, yuvs, saviorjosh, -dakota- & oldskool_rider

When we think of the Fisheye style it's hard not to associate it with beach photos and close-up shots underwater. Whether it be swimming with friends on the pool, hanging out at the beach or attending a gathering, fisheye cameras like the Lomography Fisheye No. 2 are definitely a fun companion in summer.

Capturing action through shadows and silhouettes

Credits: purepaty, paperplanepilot, suizidekid, natalieerachel & tiano

Thinking outside of the box and capturing silhouettes and shadows is an especially enchanting way to get extra creative with your summer photos. There's something about obscured faces paired with silhouettes against a fun backdrop. It spells out curiosity and is definitely worth a try if you're looking for new ways to take photos of your precious moments during a getaway.

To create silhouettes, simply place your subject against your light source, which generally should be above your subject's shoulder. You can also try taking photos from the ground (while crouched) to emphasize your subject against the bright background. Taking photos around sunset or sunrise is also highly recommended for that visual impact.

Freezing spontaneous moments in time

Credits: disdis, werriston, jeabzz, davidobryan & grazie

And speaking of action, there's nothing like taking a spontaneous photo of someone mid-movement, and these photos by community members @disdis, @werriston, @jeabzz, @davidobryan and @grazie show so brilliantly.

Jump shots, cartwheels, arms akimbo – these photos truly encapsulate how it feels like to be wild and free during a summer activity!

Whipping up wacky worlds with multiple exposures

Credits: kylethefrench, dudizm, adbigmilk, juniardigiugno & anafaro

Who doesn't love a good old multiple exposure? Seeing things a different way is always good, and being out and about in new or old favorite places is a great way to explore this photography style and lend a new perspective to any place.

These photos by @kylethefrench, @dudizm, @adbigmilk, @juniardigiugno and @anafaro taken with the Holga 135 BC, Lomo LC-Wide, Lomo LC-A+ and the Lomo Krab Underwater Housing elevate a scene into something amusing and remarkable through the use of multiple exposure.

We'd like to thank our community members for sharing their fun summer memories with us!

Where are you taking your camera this summer? Share it with us below!

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