Synesthesia #4: Imagined Album Covers for Summer

Photography and music are two art forms that have always complemented each other. From documenting nightlife and preserving niche underground scenes, to capturing artists at their best and immortalizing them forever, photography is an essential part of any music scene.

This edition of Synesthesia will focus on music perfect for this summer season. With many of us traveling to the beach, going on road trips, or just finding quality time for ourselves, these selections are ideal for many summer activities. Besides this, all these photos were shot using Lomography products, showcasing how these film stocks and lenses can be used for your summer getaway. From movie scores to hypnotizing dance music here are the song selections for this summer edition of Synesthesia.

Credits: toys

Using the forever dreamy and trippy Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens, Lomographer @toys captures the sunny beaches of Okinawa Japan. The iconic and sought-after swirly bokeh effect of the Petzval lens adds distortion that makes us instantly admire the island's white beaches and blue waters. When seeing this picture the song 9 PM - Till I Come instantly came into my head. This track was a Eurodance hit during the late 90s and was a popular song to be played during raves. When I play or hear this track I'm instantly transported to the beach listening to it as the sun goes down.

Songs to listen to:
ATB - 9 PM - Till I Come
Love Decade - When The Morning Comes (Sunset Mix)
Samantha James - Rise (Eric Kupper Mix)

Credits: s-ji

I immediately chose this photo for this series as it reminded me of a lot of the many female-fronted acts that are currently dominating the "indie pop and rock scene". The use of the LomoChrome Metropolis in the railway and under the sun creates this really nice washed-out vintage effect which a lot of indie acts would use for their photos. The double exposure adds an extra layer of creativity and makes the photo fuller. Though these songs are a bit on the mellow side, they would be nice to listen to when you are lazing at home hiding from the scorching sun.

Songs to listen to:
Megumi Acorda - Feverfew
Johanna Warren - Found I Lost
Clairo - Bags (Recorded At Electric Lady Studios)

Credits: yago56

Another dreamy and lush photo, this photo transports us to another world and places us in a hazy new world. Thanks to the Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens, @yago56 creates this surreal photo of a crystal ball in a forest that could be a still from a movie or a TV show. Wandering around the forest tracks from movies like Midsommar, or my latest movie obsession Tàr is what came into mind when seeing this photo. A mix of classical, ambient, and electronic music, these selects are good for a trip to nature.

Songs to listen to:
Bobby Krlic - Fire Temple
Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra - Promises [Movement 6]
Robert Ames, London Symphony Orchestra, Hildur Guðnadóttir - For Petra (Recording Session)

Credits: vanhessa

This picture of New York reminded me of the hip-hop scene that was brewing during the 90s where hard-hitting rhythms were mixed with obscure jazz samples to create the boom-bap style of hip-hop. Captured with the reliable Lomography Color Negative 800 film, you can feel the rush of footsteps as people are shifting in and out of New York's famous subway. Besides it being a great cover for an instrumental hip-hop mixtape or album, it also captures the energy of commuting and travel that many will endure during the summer months.

Songs to listen to:
Metal Fingers - Styrax Gum
Flying Lotus - Do That Astral Plane
A Tribe Called Quest - Bonita Applebum

Credits: dede_dos

Another photo that encapsulates the essence of summer, Lomographer @dede_dos showcases a more dramatic sunset scene with the effects of LomoChrome Purple. Choosing music perfect for a more relaxing sundown, these songs are perfect to listen to as you watch the sun descend on the ocean horizon. Filled with rhythms and sounds that will instantly transport you to the beach these tracks will surely make you want to book your next trip to a tropical island.

Songs to listen to:
Lone Saxon - Raise By The Island (DJ Phidas Dub Mix)
Adriana & Bembe - This is me
Alex Kassian - Strings of Eden

We thank the Lomography Community for their never-ending treasure trove of photos and I hope you like this round of music selections. If you have a picture and music selections that you want to submit message @rocket_fries0036 or comment down below!

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