The Magic Of Shooting Nightlife on Film with @missxparamount


There’s something magical about staying up until the wee hours of the morning. It could be the glittering artificial neon lights beaming against the night sky, the euphoric feeling of dancing all night with friends, or even that wonderful midnight snack/breakfast meal you will have before you finally get a good night's sleep. For Charlotte Mouly, she comes alive during the nighttime and enjoys nights out with her friends, documenting their adventures around the streets of Paris and beyond.

Credits: missxparamount

Charlotte started her film journey in 2019 as she was influenced heavily by one of her friends who was also doing film photography. Currently using a Nikon Zoom Touch 470 AF to take photos, she’s also had a Kodak FunSaver, Canon Prima Zoom 80U, and Canon EOS 500. She gravitated towards nightlife as it’s really part of her daily routine as a partygoer and music lover.

Credits: missxparamount

Pigalle is the area where Charlotte mostly frequents her nights out. Located between the 9th and the 18th arrondissements, Pigalle was one of the most famous and popular red light districts in the world and home to the famous cabaret club Moulin Rouge. Nowadays, Pigalle is still a much-visited nightlife location as it’s filled with hip restaurants, intimate bars, and some of the best clubs in Paris. Charlotte tells us that she frequents Pigalle Country Club, Carmen, and Sans Souci during a typical night out. When talking about her nights out, she says that “there is no typical Parisian night, I think that each night is different from the others, but it is true that we often hang out in the same places”.

Credits: missxparamount

Charlotte’s photos give us a look at what Parisian nightlife is like. Her style of shooting is a combination of quick shots that capture spur-of-the-moment intimate scenes that capture the blur of a night out, mixed with fun DIY shoots featuring her friends around the streets that they frequent. Most of the time, it's impossible to know how the results will turn out, especially with all the external factors not in your control such as lighting and movement of people.

Credits: missxparamount

Charlotte's photography radiates a youthful energy that entices you to plan your own night out. Her work is authentic as it is just a diary of her nights out with friends capturing the memories that they can look back on when they’re too old to stay up all night. Her photos and style are a reminder to have fun while shooting despite not knowing what you might get. In the end, this is what makes every photo unique and special, as it will always have its own story behind it.

Credits: missxparamount

We thank Charlotte for sharing her work with us and you can check out more of her photos on her LomoHome and Instagram. Got any experiences shooting nightlife? Share it with us by commenting down below!

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    Great shots !!

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    Amazing shots, captures the fun really well

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